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Darcie Allen has been involved in the fitness industry since 1992. Her passion for fitness was initially fueled by the positive results she personally experienced through proper diet and exercise. It soon became clear to her that anyone could improve their quality of life by adopting a more healthy lifestyle. For the past 22 years she has trained, helped and encouraged a countless number of people, as they too pursued a better way of life through fitness. Darcie is certified with STOTT PILATES™ (www.stottpilates.com) and holds an Injury and Specialty Certification.

As a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer, she has taught literally hundreds of students in her group and private classes throughout the years. Her dynamic teaching style, attention to detail, and client centered approach has played a key role in her popularity and her ability to help her clients achieve their fitness goals.

She delivers the optimum level of safety, addressing individual and group needs. Having completed hundreds of rigorous practical and theoretical hours of training, she is an instructor who is knowledgeable and dedicated to giving you the best experience during your training in the studio.

She holds STOTT PILATES™ Essential and Intensive level certifications; in addition, she is certified to work with injuries and special populations, working with pregnancy, osteoporosis, joint replacement, etc. Darcie is also certified in BOSU Balance Trainer and Integrated Balanace Training with her Pilates work. Her clientele range from women of all ages to businessmen and athletes.

Darcies has also received numerous certifications through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), PILATES, American Council of Exercise (ACE), BOSU, IFTA, SCW Pilates Mat Work Fundamentals. She is also a National Certification Examiner with AFFA, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor. Darcie has owned a personal training business and taught her own Instructor Training Course which prepared students to pass AFFA Certification Exams.

Read what some of Darcie's clients have to say.....

I am a very active, somewhat obsessive athlete who competes in marathons, triathlons, and leads a busy lifestyle. I have also found myself experiencing difficulties with this level of activity and my aging body. I was introduced to Darcie nearly 2 years ago when I was experiencing debilitating back pain, yet wanted to remain active in sports. I had worked with many trainers across a variety of disciplines and quickly realized that this was something special. Not only is my back pain no longer an issue, but she has been a key part of my training and occasional (ok, frequent) rehabilitation. I am more flexible and have gained excellent core strength. Darcie dives into her clients and their specific situations and tailors the work to help you achieve your goals. Her dedication, knowledge base, and compassion are without equals in this field. She is a pleasure to work with and makes the workout fun.

Stephen Helgemo, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

As a competitive endurance athlete (road races, marathons, triathlons), I am a accustomed to functioning with a certain degree of muscle soreness; however, all of that changed in June 2011 when what had been mildly annoying back pain grew to debilitating proportions seemingly overnight. At first I found myself cutting my workouts short; eventually I couldn't even sit or stand without pain, let alone run. It was at this point that I made the decision to seek out Darcie's help. Darcie created a strength and flexibility training program that was custom designed to tackle my back pain and also take my performance in endurance sports to another level. My back pain disappeared almost immediately and through time, I gained greater range of motion through my hips and increased my core strength exponentially-- all of which helps to keep my running form sharp. In addition, I've been able to log consistent, quality training sessions without having to take time off for pain or injury. This has allowed me to set personal bests at distances from the 5k to the half marathon and I have no doubt that come this May, I will see another personal best at the marathon distance.

Darcie's years of fitness experience combined with her working knowledge of functional anatomy, exceptional cueing ability and unrivaled passion for the work that she does is written into every training session. She is among the best of the best in South Florida and I can't thank her enough for the "tools" that she has provided me with. I am a healthy (and faster) athlete thanks to her!

Sherry LaBree, endurance athlete and coach, Punta Gorda, Florida

"I LOVE PILATES!!!  After just a few short lessons with Darcie I realized that this is the exercise for me!  I enjoy working out for the first time in my life.  I struggled with knee and shoulder issues that were a result of muscle weakness and bad form.  Darcie showed me how important my core muscles were and as I grew stronger I realized the difference in my posture and how much better I felt just standing properly.  I have never had good abs or a toned butt – but with Darcie and Stott Pilates I Do NOW!

Darcie Allen is the BEST INSTRUCTOR. Darcie has improved my life by helping me get in good physical shape that allows me to work on my renovation projects almost pain free! My knee hasn’t swelled and my shoulder is getting better. Darcie has given me a new focus and love for working out that I will do for the rest of my life."
Karen Williams - Punta Gorda, Florida

"We have worked with Darcie for the past few months, and she is simply amazing! Always prepared, very knowledgable and she excels at keeping things light while making you work your tush off- literally. (My wife's has never looked better;). We can't say enough good things about her, other than that we have partcicpated in Pilates everywhere from MI, to AZ to FL, and she is our favorite. Her enthusiasm for her profession is obvious and very contagious. She makes us look forward to exercising, and how many people can say that?"
David and Molly Conger - Sarasota, Florida

"Darcie is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate personal trainers I have worked with. I've been working out for the past 30 years and she makes the Pilates sessions fun, informative and is always explaining the muscle you are working and the benefits. I was new to STOTT PILATES™ and was a little skeptical at first, but Darcie made me feel comfortable and confident that I could do it!!"
Dotti Vaivoda - Punta Gorda, Florida






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